CCYSC 2018 Mandarin Camp - 爱,要我去

第七屆國語青年基督徒聯合令會 CCYSC Mandarin Camp 2018 - 爱,要我去

日期: 2018年7月20-22日 (星期五至日 Fri - Sun)

講員: 莊信德 牧师

地點: The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508

營費: $160 (優惠價 Early Bird 04/3 - 06/5/2018)  

         $180 (正價 Normal Rate 07/5 - 10/6/2018)

         $195 (貴賓價 Late Fee 11/6 - 01/7/2018)

如欲登記報名,請參看有關細節後按鍵「Next Page」。

For registration, please refer to following details before clicking "Next Page".



報名須知 Terms and Conditions

本營會年齡範圍18-32. 如果有興趣參加但不在年齡範圍的弟兄姐妹請與我們電郵聯繫(。
CCYSC is suitable for brothers and sisters aged between 18-32. If you are over 32 and interested in attending, please contact us at

營會今年不集中安排交通, 入營前會安排車輛在火車站附近接載。如果对交通安排有需要或疑问,请聯絡許飛帆0430372255。
CCYSC will not concentrate on traffic arrangements this year and will arrange for vehicles to pick up near the train station before entering the camp. If there is any questions for traffic arrangements, please contact Xu Fei Fan 0430372255 .

Registration online only, no printable forms available.

We accept Interbank payment over the Internet only.

The CCYSC Cancellation and Refund Policy applies to all submitted registrations. Please read this carefully before you proceed to registration.


取消報名政策 Cancellation Policy

Camp registrations may be cancelled if the registered person fails to pay within 5 days after submitting his/her registration.


退款政策 Refund Policy

若申請者報名後發現不能如期參加,並希望退還報名費,該申請者可解釋原因並填好退款表格電郵致 委員會將在營會結束後審查退款申請個案。本會保留最後審核權利。


If a registered person who has already paid camp fees but later becomes unavailable to attend camp and requires a refund, he/she is to submit an application for refund by sending an email to with an explanation. The CCYSC Committee will review each refund application received shortly after the conference and will consider and weigh up all factors contributing to the application when making a final decision for each case.

Successful applicants will receive a full refund of the paid camp fees. Applicants who are found to be unsuccessful will not be entitled to any amount of refund. The CCYSC Committee will consider and weigh up all factors contributing to the application when making a final decision. Depending on time of submission and processing of refund applications, successful applicants may receive their refunds after the camp.


取替 Replacement


CCYSC Committee will NOT accept any replacement requests in the event that a registered person is unable to attend. A paid registered person who can no longer attend should apply for a refund - see above.


報名程序 Registration Process

To register for this year's camp, please follow these 4 easy steps:

1. 提交您個人8項資料 Submit your 8 personal details
2. 留意有否收到認證申請的電郵並參考碼 (可能发送至垃圾郵件箱內)
   Check your confirmation email to verify your registration (It may be in junk mail folder)
   If you did not receive the confirmation email or made an error in your registration, please DO NOT fill in your registration again, just contact us through email
3. 通過認證電郵,登入填寫第二階段註冊。
    Through that confirmation email, log into and fill in the second stage of registration
4. 透過網上銀行或銀行存款付款時,必須寫上電郵附里的註冊號碼。本會收到金額後將會發出付款認證電郵,確認您完成報名。
    When making the payment through Online Banking, the reference number must be quoted to identify your payment.
    If process is successful, a payment confirmation email will be issued to confirm that your first stage of registration is completed.