CCYSC 2018 Cantonese Camp 認命?應命

Date: 15 July 2018 (Sunday) 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Venue: Christ Evangelical Center of Australia (CECA), Unit 8, 172-176 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW 2122

Date: 18-20 July 2018 (Wednesday - Friday)
Speaker: 蔡元雲醫生
Venue: The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508

CCYSC 2018 Camp Fee: $170 (Early Bird) / $190 (Normal Fee)
Registration Deadline: 1 June 2018 (Early Bird) / 1 July 2018 (Normal Fee)

*Please note that the Pre-camp will be held on 15 July 2018 (Sunday). Please reserve your time to attend it. Otherwise, please email or contact:
Yvonne Liu 0424 960 730 / Angus Yu 0434 595 236.

For registration, please follow this post by clicking "Next Page"

Important announcements

Registration will only be taken online. There is unfortunately no hard-copy form available. We accept Interbank payment over the Internet only. The CCYSC Cancellation and Refund Policy applies to all submitted registrations. Please read this carefully before you proceed to registration.

Payment Policy

Payments are to be made to CCYSC before the registration is completed. Failure to pay the correct camp fee at the time of registration with the amount as indicated on the registration form may result in cancellation of registration.

Cancellation Policy

Camp registrations will be cancelled if the registrant fails to provide accurate or misleading information.

Refund Policy

If a registrant who has already paid camp fee but later becomes unavailable to attend the camp and requires a refund, he/she is to submit an application for refund by sending an email to with an explanation at least 24 hours before the camp starts. The CCYSC Committee will consider and weigh all factors provided before making a final determination. Successful applicants will receive a full refund of the paid camp fee. Unsuccessful applicants will not be entitled to any amount of refund.

For all refund applications submitted within 14 days after the camp has started, successful applicants will only receive 50% of his/her camp fees refunded unless the CCYSC Committee accepts that there are special circumstances. The CCYSC Committee will consider and weigh all factors provided before making a final determination. Depending on time of submission and processing of refund applications, successful applicants may receive their refunds after the camp.

Please note that refund applications received after this timeframe will not be considered.


CCYSC Committee will NOT accept any replacement requests in the event that a registrant is unable to attend. A paid registrant who can no longer attend should apply for a refund (see above Refund Policy).

Registration Process

To register for this year's camp, please follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Submit your personal details/preferences
  2. Pay the camp fee through NetBank transfer before submitting the registration
  3. You will need to quote the “Payment Receipt Number” at the last page of the registration form